Tamara Littrell




Tamara Littrell spent her childhood living in the sticks, 

but found her way out in 1978 when she ran away with a truck driver.

Two months later she married him and has never looked back.

She and her husband Larry, then spent the next thirty plus years

building a successful trucking business.

In 2001, shortly after her mother's death Tammi began writing this book.

She originally had no intentions of ever publishing it

but instead found it to be a cathartic way of coping with her loss.

After almost eight years of writing, 

and with the encouragement of friends and family members,

she began to consider publishing her story.

However, it wasn't until her mother and father were finally reunited in 2010

that the story could truly draw to a close.

Tammi and Larry have two daughters, four pampered chihuahuas,  

and four beautiful granddaughters.

They split their time between their home in Wyoming

and on their catamaran in the British Virgin Islands,

where they can be found entertaining friends and family

and watching the sunset with a good glass of wine.

Tammi has also published two cookbooks, teaches private cooking classes,

and writes a blog about food and travel, her true passions.

Visit her blog at www.saucedujour.blogspot.com.

To charter their crewed yacht go to www.charterpiscesbvi.blogspot.com.

Or www.tamaralittrell.com

When the Dust Settled is her first "real" book.


Published by Brown Books ~ Dallas Texas

​ISBN:  978-1-612547-62-6 ~ Library of Congress